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AdGuard VPN Download premium license key

AdGuard VPN Crack is the best free online security solution from popular ad blocker creators. Record your connection, hide your IP address and the websites you visit from anyone (including your ISP) and ensure your browsing is anonymous Hide your location and open unlimited websites or content with unlimited traffic. For the past 10 years, AdGuard VPN Crack ad blocker has been protecting its users from annoying ads and spyware. Today, over 25 million people around the world trust us with their privacy, so we have added a completely new tool to strengthen and protect their cybersecurity.

Adguard vpn review

Fast module update Adguard VPN Premium. If you are familiar with the program, the guard used to be in browsers and templates like Google Chrome Opera and Firefox. Its premium Adguard will let you enjoy ad-free content everywhere like Google Chrome, YouTube, or whatever website you look for on your phone. Just an app to block all phone ads in almost all apps you have installed. Adguard VPN Crack MOD is a great application that will allow you to filter the traffic of your Android device, you can set various privacy settings that block different websites and of course block all pop-up ads and all that.

AdGuard VPN for PC Premium Download

2 VPN modes

Adguard VPN provides users with 2 VPN modes, include:

  • VPN: This is the default mode. All the accesses are approved by Adguard VPN automatically.
  • SOCK5: When enabled, Adguard VPN will run a local proxy. It can be used on other applications to transfer traffic through it. Only activate this mode when you know what you are doing.

2 advanced setting modes

Besides VPN modes, this app offers 2 other advanced options for managing connections, including:

  • Regular mode: The app will work with every domain that you connect except for the sites in the custom list you created. To add an exception, users can click the “+” icon then enter the URL or IP you want. This mode is suitable when you want to block access to sites with mature content or unsafe sites.
  • Selective Mode: When you activate this mode, Adguard VPN works only with specified websites that you have added to the list. Also, this mode is for you when you want to be protected during using the VPN. Instead of accessing all the content, you can now access only the sites you previously specified.

Safe and secure

Adguard VPN provides guaranteed and completely secure VPNs. Users can be assured of using the app to connect to the internet. At this point, the VPN will hide your identity when opening the Internet, blocking malware, and alerting users to suspicious connections.

The simple and intuitive interface

Even if you don’t have technical knowledge, you can use Adguard VPN easily. The app offers a simple and straightforward interface, so you can master it right away. After logging in, the program redirects users to the main interface. Here the program works automatically.

The applications list options

By default, Adguard VPN works with all applications available on your device. You can install another one. At this point, you can access the application settings, which show all applications that work with Adguard VPN. If you want to stop this, just turn off the graying.

Unlock everything with our mod version

Like Adguard, this program offers the opportunity to pay real money to upgrade to the PRO package. As a PRO account, users can use limited features like unblock all VPNs, unblock advanced features, and remove ads. Thanks to the latest Adguard VPN mode presented in this article, you can access all the features for free. All you have to do is download the APK file, install it as usual and enjoy the application.


Adguard VPN is an excellent program from Adguard, the best provider of security and communication systems and services for mobile platforms. So you can be absolutely sure of the quality of the system. To date, it has received many positive reviews thanks to its intuitive interface, unlimited connection speed, various servers and many other useful features. Readers can download the next mode of Adguard VPN PRO from the link below.

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