Simpiz is named after the idea of “Simple is Smart”. It strives to simplify people’s quotidian life, and focuses on the most concerned, simple yet smart lifestyle. The simplism design minimizes the elements, colors, illuminations and materials, however maintains a high quality while simplify the product itself. 


Who We Are


Simpiz is a smart electronic device brand established in California with the goal of making interesting, safe, and easy to use products. It’s dedicated to researching, developing, and manufacturing smart electronics and accessories with the most advanced technology, premiums material and avant-garde design. Simpiz team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, red dot award winning designers, and electrical engineers with over 10+ years in the technology industry.


Simpiz is meticulously refined by meeting the most essential needs of consumers.


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Simpiz’s simplicity is always aiming at consumers’ most essential needs, removing all the unnecessary details, and keeping the most ingenuous and purest parts. Simpiz researches and develops the products that are closest to the origin, and it revitalizes the needs of visual psychology, of its own function, the essential needs and the elegant, leisurely life itself. 


  •  All About Details


The taste of simplicity needs to be achieved by seizing the details of the products. It requires deliberation in every small component, and delicacy in manufacture. 

+ Outstripped by “Quality”, and keeps the essence, authenticity and simplicity by removing the roughness, falseness and complexity. 

+ Excelled in discovering and unearthing the advantages of the products, and reflects the meaning of the colorful life. 

+ Makes reasonable ellipsis and blanks, leaving commodious space for people’s recollection and imagination.